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Recommendations: Post-Workout Recovery Supplements

We all know that muscle growth starts in the gym with a great workout. But equally important is the rest, recuperation, post workout nutrition and even the “recovery” supplement that follows it.

The most important of these recovery supplements are BCAAs, or branched-chain-amino acids.

These branched chain aminos (specifically isoleucine, valine, and leucine) have multiple functions that make them useful for anyone engaged in strenuous exercise. For instance, they…

  • are important components of body proteins and precursors to non-protein compounds
  • stimulate the process of muscle protein synthesis (MPS)
  • reduce muscle protein breakdown (catabolism)
  • may reduce fatigue, due to effects on the central nervous system
  • may reduce post workout soreness.

Although you may already be obtaining plenty of BCAAs from your food—especially if your protein intake is reasonable—most people serious about their training should obtain some benefit with modest supplementation. Here are a few products worth looking at…

  • Scivation Xtend: At its core, Xtend is a BCAA product and a pretty solid one at that.
  • Chain’d Out: A “value added” BCAA product, Chain’d Out is a blend of amino acid esters and selected, health/performance-enhancing nutraceuticals.
  • Glutamine: Although sometimes advertised to do so, there is no evidence glutamine boosts performance. It does, however, improve glucose regulation, immune function, protein synthesis and promotes a positive nitrogen balance. It is significantly cheaper than BCAA-based supplements, which is why many people like it.
  • Leukic Hardcore: A “supercharged” leucine product, this is a fairly well-designed supplement that could help facilitate recovery.
  • Whey protein: Chances are, you are already taking a whey protein supplement. That`s good. If you are not, however, you`ll want to consider it; evidence suggests it is helpful for post workout recovery.

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