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SlimFast, Fat Melting Foods, Protein for Weight Loss…

What Supplements Are We Taking?

Posted by on 8:30 pm in Nutrition and Diet | 0 comments

Occasionally, we get e-mails from visitors asking… “What do you guys take?” Because—believe it or not—we do take supplements. And sometimes, as you’ll see, a lot of them. So just for fun, we’ve each put together a list of the supplements...

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What Do You Think Of Nutrisystem®?

Posted by on 8:22 pm in Nutrition and Diet | 0 comments

What Do You Think Of Nutrisystem®? That’s a question I received from a site visitor the other day, who wondered what my take was on the service. After all, in the nearly 13 years has been in existence, I’ve never once written about Nutrisystem....

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Exercising And Training on a Budget: How To Save Money and Get Fit!

Posted by on 6:46 pm in Fitness | 0 comments

As a full-time personal trainer in various capacities, I’m in the trenches at all sorts of gyms and I meet lots of fantastic people looking to lose weight, get fit, and if possible… have fun at the same time. But what if you don’t have the money to spend on a gym...

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Whey Protein, Glutathione & Parkinson’s Disease; Is There A Link?

Posted by on 6:28 pm in Health and Disease | 3 comments

Some time ago, I was asked by a visitor about whey protein’s possible role in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. This person had been “introduced” to this possible benefit by an independent Immunocal distributor (Immunocal is a high priced whey...

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More Hoodia Scams: No Active Ingredient?

Posted by on 6:12 pm in Scams, Supplement Ingredients | 0 comments

Still thinking of giving Hoodia a try to suppress your appetite and lose weight?

The hoodia scam continues – more products have been on the receiving end of legal action as a result of containing no active ingredient.

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The Kitchen Scale: My Favorite Tool for Eating Right & Losing Weight

Posted by on 6:02 pm in Nutrition and Diet | 0 comments

Barbells are my favorite tool in the gym and my favorite tool in the kitchen is the kitchen scale. Personally, I have the appetite of growing teenager and the kitchen scale truly helps me keep track of proper portions when I know I could probably eat at least twice that amount!...

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