Write for Us / Guest Posts

Write for Us / Guest Posts

Please read the following very carefully:

UltimateFatBurner.com is now accepting a select number of guest posts that meet our stringent criteria for quality.

We do not pay for, nor will we accept payment to feature a guest post on our site.

If you would like to have your article appear on UltimateFatBurner.com, with your name and tagline, please read the following very carefully, so you do not waste your time…

We are, and have always been, a consumer advocate site focused on delivering exceptional quality content that is in the best interest of our visitors. If you’re new to the site, we suggest you look around and read some of our articles before preceding any further… it may save you from wasting your time.

What We are NOT Looking For:

  • Average quality, generic material that provides no real additional value and whose only purpose is to obtain an in-pointing link for the author.
  • Articles that blatantly endorse products.
  • Articles that promote any multi-level marketing scheme.
  • Articles that are meant solely to generate affiliate revenue.
  • Articles that endorse homeopathy, detoxing, or any bogus or discredited treatments or therapies.
  • Articles that cover topics already discussed thoroughly on UltimateFatBurner.com.
  • Articles that are not properly cited with links to credible peer reviewed clinical trials.
  • Articles that have already been published numerous times across the web. We are looking for “one-off” articles; ones that will be unique to this site only.
  • Articles which link to sites of dubious reputation and quality.
  • Author taglines that link to sites which we are not comfortable being associated.
  • Material on topics unrelated or only very sligtly related to the content on this web site.

And of course, we retain the right to reject or remove any content for any reason at any time without explanation.

What We ARE Looking For:

What we are looking for is high quality, properly cited, well written and thought provoking material that addresses any variation on the topic of health as it is covered on this web site.

If you’ve read through the proceeding material, and you still think you have something for us; great! Please bear with us for a just a few more minutes – we’re not quite finished yet…

  1. Since we are extremely picky about what we will accept, we suggest that you send us a well-developed article proposal first, so that you don’t invest the time and energy into writing something we are not interested in. if you send us an article, you will automatically disqualify yourself from being published on this site… because it will demonstrate that you did not read this!
  2. If your article is accepted, clear credit and a link back to the source will be given. However, our copyright needs to be respected; you agree not to re-publish the material elsewhere without permission. Doing so will void this agreement and we will remove your article from our site.
  3. Our audience is not comprised of academics, but of everyday folks trying to lose weight. If you are planning on discussing a complex topic, please simplify things accordingly, and do not “talk” over the heads of our visitors.
  4. We hold pretty high standards for our writing on UltimateFatBurner.com. We’re not infallible, however, and understand that you aren’t either. Thus, we’re not going to spike your article because of a random typo or two. We’ll happily fix it for you, just like we do for each other. If – on the other hand – you routinely make basic errors in spelling, punctuation and/or sentence structure – well, that’s a different story.

PR Firm / Outreach Specialists

OK, we get it… you have a job to do. But part of the reason we are opening this site to guest posts is that we hoping to building mutually beneficial arrangements with other bloggers / authorities / businesses in the smart supplement / consumer advocacy space.

So while we *will* entertain requests from outreach professionals, your clients should also be interested in a mutually benefical arrangement. And of course, the bottom line is that we’re only interested in delivering value to our visitors. If your client wants to have an article published on this site, s/he would be well advised to have a look around and see what we do… we may not be as good a match as you think.

Follow Vs. No Follow

If we publish your article and link to your web site, that link will be “no follow.” No exceptions.

Sound Like a Massive Pain in the A**? It’s Supposed to Be…

We only want quality articles from qualifed people. Period.

Still Here? Read ALL The Above? Great!

You’re already 3 steps of the folks who normally request guest posts!

If you’re “good” with the above, and feel you have something genuine to contribute, feel free to submit your article proposal via our contact form.

We will review your article proposal within 3 business days, and will follow up with you at that time.