What’s Dr. Oz Smoking?

I’ve ranted and raved on more than one occasional about Dr. Oz and his breathless endorsements of weight loss supplements that have no business being endorsed. But no matter; regardless or whether or not such supplements are supported by an ounce of clinical data or not – and it’s usually the latter – anything that […]

Study: 5-Hour Energy No Better Than Caffeine

LiveScience has the “buzz” on a recent study that compared 5-Hour Energy shots to plain ol’ caffeine with respect to brain activity during an attention-requiring task. No difference between the two was found. “Before the task, participants consumed 8 ounces of either water, water with caffeine, or water containing the energy drink 5-Hour Energy. The […]

Does Ginkgo biloba Extract Cause Cancer?

Rhetorical fists are flying over a recent technical report released by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) on the toxicology and carcinogenesis of oral Ginkgo biloba extract in rats and mice. In one corner is the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is advising consumers to avoid Ginkgo-containing supplements and energy drinks. The CSPI […]

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against USP Labs & GNC

USPLabs’ legal woes continue. The company recently settled a class action lawsuit for $2 million dollars. Now, its facing another suit, over the death of Michael L. Sparling, one of the two soldiers who died in 2011 while working out after consuming DMAA-containing supplements. According to the New York Times… “Now the parents of Michael […]

More Sibutramine-Containing “Natural” Weight Loss Supps Seized

According to NBC News in Miami, U.S. Marshals seized a range of weight loss products produced by Globe All Wellness, which the FDA claimed were adulterated with sibutramine. Sibutramine, a prescription weight loss drug, was withdrawn from the U.S. market in 2010, after it was found to increase heart attack/stroke risk. The FDA’s press release […]

Vibrational HCG… Really?!

Over the weekend, I surfed over to Science-Based Medicine, and scanned this post by pharmacist Scott Gavura about HCG and weight loss. It’s a well-written article, although if you’ve seen what Paul and I have had to say on the topic, in general, you won’t see much that’s new. There was one thing in his […]

SBM: “Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Beans – More Weight Loss Pseudoscience”

Normally, I don’t look forward to Mondays, but today is an exception… we hosted 5 of our kids’ friends from the Tri-Cities for the weekend. Nothing like having 7 teenagers (ok, 6 teenagers – Number One Son is actually 22) around the house, to feed, transport, and tip-toe around in the morning. A good time, however, was had […]

Talk About Inflated Ad Claims!

I’ve seen some pretty outrageous claims for supps before, but I think the claims for “Undoit,” an Australian product, take the cake: A WEIGHT-LOSS treatment that claims to allow users to gorge on fatty foods and then “undo it” by taking a specified number of its herbal pills is fighting a push to have it […]

Chicago Tribune: Supplement Industry QC Issues are Widespread

Just finished this (rather long) article by Trine Tsouderos of the Chicago Tribune. Titled “Dietary supplements: Manufacturing troubles widespread, FDA inspections show,” the article paints a pretty grim picture of of the industry. In the last four years, theU.S. Food and Drug Administrationhas found violations of manufacturing rules in half of the nearly 450 dietary supplement firms it […]

FDA Action Against DMAA Prompts New Lawsuits

According to Nutraingredients USA, the recent set of warning letters sent by the FDA to 10 sports nutrition companies has set off a wave of consumer lawsuits. Evidently every one of the companies in the FDA’s crosshairs has now been hit, as in addition to as-yet-unnamed companies not included in the agency’s crackdown. The suits named […]