Lawsuit Filed Against Testofen Containing Natural Testosterone Boosters

A class action lawsuit has been filed against a number of companies that sell natural testosterone boosters containing the fenugreek derived Testofen. Gencor Nutrients, Inc., GE Nutrients, Inc., General Nutrition Corporation (GNC), S&G Properties LLC, Force Factor LLC and others have been named in the action. The reason why? Testofen doesn’t work to elevate testosterone […]

Karma Files: Dr. Oz Gets B*tch Slapped by Senator Claire McCaskill

We’ve been reviewing Dr. Oz featured weight loss products for several years now, for the simple reason that anything Oz features on his show generates a ton of interest, and accordingly, a ton of sales. But we’re not pleased with him for the simple reason that the things he recommends… well, they either have been […]

Are Your Supplements Working a Little Too Well?

Are you experiencing incredible success with that latest fat burner or body building supplement? Or maybe with that “male enhancement” product you bought to spice things up in the bedroom a little bit? Well, there might be a reason for that. And no… it’s not what you think; that the manufacturer has gone overboard to […]

Here We Go Again! (More on Phenocal, Synetgy LLC & Craig Schwartz)

Well, looks like Craig Schwartz from Golden State Media, legal eagle and representative of Synetgy LLC (makers of Phenocal) is back at it again. If you’re not up to speed on the story, Craig and the good folks over at Synetgy LLC don’t like our review of their Phenocal product, and are doing their best […]

Like a Bad Rash, Craig Returns

Those of you who have been following along with our story of Craig Schwartz (representing Synetgy LLC) and his ham-handed attempts to have our review of Phenocal pulled from the site will be interested to know that Craig was back blustering to our web host again, sending this note yesterday (Oct 9, 2013)… The page […]

Mayor Bloomberg, “Big Gulps”, Idiots, and the Nanny State

A short while ago, Elissa wrote “NYC Limit on Sugary Drink Size Struck Down“, which detailed the fairly spectacular failings of Major Bloomberg’s newest anti-obesity initiative; to limit the size of sugar-laden drinks sold restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums and food carts. Ever since then, the right wing blogosphere has been alive with chants of “nanny […]

NYC Limit on Sugary Drink Size Struck Down

New York City mayor Bloomberg’s signature anti-obesity initiative was struck down by State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling on Monday… just a day before it was to have taken effect. Widely (and inaccurately) characterized as a “soda ban,” the initiative limited the maximum size of sugary, non-dairy drinks sold in restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums and […]