The “Great” Outdoors? You Betcha…

The following is taken from a great CalorieLab article called… “They don’t call the outdoors “great” for nothing.” Who can argue with that? While a gym membership certainly has benefits – as it will allow you to perform specialized exercises – the great outdoors is a fantastic place to be “active”… which is what exercising […]

Tom Venuto launches the “Love Your Body” Challenge in time for Valentine’s!

You’re familiar with Body Transformation challenges right? These are the contests where over the course of 60-90 or so days, individuals do their utmost to adopt an intensive regimen of dieting and exercise in order to dramatically change their bodies. The individuals who have made the most dramatic changes, win. While on the face of […]

Zombies Liven Up 5K Races

Back when we lived in Ohio, I occasionally ran laps with some recreational marathoners. It was totally random… The local Parks and Rec dept. had an indoor track that I used during snowy/rainy/cold weather. The marathoners used it too, so when we encountered each other on the track, I would fall in with them to chat for […]

Good Stuff in the LAT Today!

The LA Times posted three useful articles today. Rather than just pick one to highlight, I decided to run with the lot! 1. “In Your Face Fitness: All You Need is Love.” This lengthy article is my man James Fell’s take on the mantra: “if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.” Perhaps […]

Cleveland Clinic Helps Employees Get Healthier

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Clinic offers yoga classes to employees and its on-campus gym is also free for workers. Use has risen from an average of 21,000 hours annually to more than 240,000 hours this year. Participation in Weight Watchers is also free and employees have lost about 250,000 pounds since 2005. But […]

Fauja Singh Set A World Record…

… whether Guinness World Records acknowledges it or not! On October 16, Mr. Singh completed the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. While his 8 hour, 25 minute time might not seem like the stuff of legends, it’s positively breathtaking for a man who’s 100 years old. Sunday’s run was Fauja Singh’s eighth marathon — he ran his first at the […]

Gamers Hit the Gym

I got a smile out of this CNN article about “Fitocracy” – a new site (currently in beta) started by two gamers-turned-fitness enthusiasts: Brian Wang and Richard Talens. The reason? I’ve got one of these at home: my son, Ryan. Now 21, he’s been my steady training partner since April. Right now, “Minecraft” (aka “Mindcrack”) is the […]

Planet Fitness Featured on the Daily Show

Hilarious! The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Personally, I don’t have a problem with the Planet Fitness concept… I’m all for gyms that are welcoming to newbies, and don’t try to shove personal training down your throat. But it’s the execution […]

Every Little Bit Helps

… even when it comes to exercise – if the results of this recent study are to be believed. According to Maev Kennedy of The Guardian… A cheering piece of research suggests that just 15 minutes of exercise a day – half the recommended amount in the UK – can boost life expectancy. A study […]