Logical Fallacies

I can’t take credit for this resource – Yoni Freedhoff from the Weighty Matters blog posted a link to it a short while back, in reference to a previous discussion he had about Girl Guide cookies. Yoni had “suggested that the charitable sale of trans-fat laden, sugary cookies is a practice that in this day […]

1 Simple Food to Lower Your Blood Pressure!

You have probably received emails with a subject line like the one above, am I right? If you’ve opened and read it – or a similar one offering a simple and effective cure to any number of common or deadly maladies – you’ll know they all follow a similar pattern… 1) There are simple foods […]

What’s Dr. Oz Smoking?

I’ve ranted and raved on more than one occasional about Dr. Oz and his breathless endorsements of weight loss supplements that have no business being endorsed. But no matter; regardless or whether or not such supplements are supported by an ounce of clinical data or not – and it’s usually the latter – anything that […]

In the Weight Loss Supplement World, “Doctor Recommended” Means Sweet FA!

In my publication “Dirty, Rotten Tricks! Supplement Company Lies That Cost You Money!“, I talk about the “doctor recommended” scam. Essentially, the word of a medical doctor holds a lot of sway with the general public, so supplement manufacturers and retailers will often do whatever they can to be able to claim that their product […]

What was the Biggest Supplement Scam of 2013? “Detox” and Detoxing…

To celebrate the New Year, I decided to spend a little time thinking about the past 12 months, and specifically, the biggest supplement scam that has been “pulled” on the unsuspecting public. I didn’t have to think very long. In my opinion, it’s without a doubt the continued and rapid growth of “detox” or detoxifying […]

Sh*t That Drives Me Crazy! (Good-Bye Critical Thinking)

If there’s one thing that drives me nearly batsh*t crazy, it’s that so often, critical thinking skills seemed to be washed away into the gutter as soon as the topic of “Big Pharma” comes up. There’s a sudden, knee-jerk, conspiracy theory spasm that seems to paralyze some people’s brains. For instance… Advocates of complimentary and […]

WIRED: “What’s Actually Inside an Average Cup of Coffee”

LOL – I love coffee AND chemistry, so this little vid from the folks at WIRED magazine is a two-fer for me. Ok, I also (sort of) enjoy stuff that (gently) twists the tails of the “chemophobes” in our midst. You know, the ones that make a distinction between “natural” foods and the stuff with […]

An Addendum to Paul’s Metabosyn Review…

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t kept up with the newest material on the main domain. But I had some extra time today, so I thought I’d take a look. There’s some good stuff there (kudos to Paul and Sumi!). I was especially amused by Paul’s Metabosyn review. The review itself wasn’t funny, […]

Too Funny…

While sipping my a.m. coffee, I stumbled on over an article from The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, about a blogger who thinks he’s invented the perfect alternative to food. Yes… you read that right. An alternative to food. SRSLY. The author of the “League” article, Russell Saunders, is a pediatrician, so he knows a thing […]

They Don’t Warn ‘Loud” Enough, Methinks…

If there’s one thing we see here on UltimateFatBurner.com time and time again, it is consumers falling victim to scams… mostly of the weight loss kind (not surprising, given the subject matter we cover). That notwithstanding, this recent warning posted by the U.S. FDA says it all; “weight-loss products are among the most notorious items […]