From Weighty Matters: Juice is NOT a F@*#$*&g Fruit!

The following is an excerpt from Yoni Freedhoff’s article; Juice is NOT a F@*#$*&g Fruit!  We’ve featured Dr. Yoni’s material here on many times, not simply because he’s a fellow Canuck, but because we love his blog and the material printed therein. And we especially love the titles of his articles. As you may have […]

Mayor Bloomberg, “Big Gulps”, Idiots, and the Nanny State

A short while ago, Elissa wrote “NYC Limit on Sugary Drink Size Struck Down“, which detailed the fairly spectacular failings of Major Bloomberg’s newest anti-obesity initiative; to limit the size of sugar-laden drinks sold restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums and food carts. Ever since then, the right wing blogosphere has been alive with chants of “nanny […]

This Kid’s Not Fat – Let Alone Obese!

This story makes me happy (all over again) that my kids are grown, and are no longer in the K-12 educational system. WHDH-TV – It’s just another example of “one-size-fits-all” bureaucratic thinking. I had my fill of it when my kids were in school… and so did my kids, for that matter. As Jane Brody […]

Disney To Phase out Unhealthy Food Ads

When my kids were growing up, we always chose The Most Basic of all basic cable TV packages offered, so we never got the Disney channel… thus I cannot tell you what the food ads were like. I can imagine it, though, so the news that Disney plans to phase out ads for junk food seems […]

“The Weight of the Nation” – Part 4

IMHO, Part 4 of “The Weight of the Nation,” was the best episode of the series. It did a great job of examining the “big picture” contributors to obesity/obesity-related ills introduced in Part 1. These were: the mismatch between our genetics and current, industrial environment; the impact of poverty on people’s food choices and physical activity; how our toxic […]

“The Weight of the Nation” – Part 3

I finally got the chance to view Part 3 of “The Weight of the Nation”… well, most of Part 3. I missed the last 10 minutes when my server connection froze. After multiple attempts to reconnect, I decided to hang it up – I think I saw enough of it to render an opinion, anyway. […]

“The Weight of the Nation” Pros and Cons (so far…)

I watched Part I of the HBO documentary, “The Weight of the Nation” online, last night. I hope to catch Part 2 later tonight. For the most part, I liked what I saw. The producers did a good job of conveying the complexity of obesity, and the roles that poverty, genetics, food culture and the built […]

Who’s Winning the War on Childhood Obesity?

According to this special report from Reuters, it’s “[t]he side with the fattest wallets.” It’s the food industry side, natch. This one small paragraph speaks volumes about industry clout: At every level of government, the food and beverage industries won fight after fight during the last decade. They have never lost a significant political battle […]

Dukan’s Dumb Idea

I haven’t written much about the Dukan Diet, primarily because it’s a hybrid of the old Stillman and Atkins diets.  In other words, it’s not very original. I imagine it works, just as its predecessors did. I also imagine that it suffers from the same issues that plague other rigid, exclusionary diets too – relatively low compliance and (eventual) weight regain. I […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The state of Georgia has a new – and controversial – ad campaign about childhood obesity. What’s controversial about it? This ABC News vid gets to the heart of it: Georgia has one of the highest childhood obesity rates in the US. Supporters say it’s “…a crucial first step” and  “…necessary to spark a conversation.”  On […]