Berlin Brothel Offers Discounts to “Green” Customers


I’m all for giving people incentives to get out of their cars and use alternative ways to get around, particularly walking and biking. But – as detailed in the Telegraph – the Maison d’Envie (House of Desire) in Berlin probably takes the prize for “Most Innovative.”

“Everyone’s a winner,” explained Regina Götz, a former prostitute who runs the Maison d’Envie (House of Desire) brothel in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, a district in the former East Berlin, which is a Green party stronghold.

“The environment is a topic on everyone’s lips and it’s pretty difficult to park around here. So we came up with the idea of an ‘eco discount’ of €5 (£4.60) to anyone who leaves the car at home,” Götz said.

“The crisis has slashed our turnover in half in the last year,” the 56 year-old revealed over coffee and cakes, flanked by scantily-clad prostitutes.

But the green discounts have proved a roaring success and got business back on track, she said.

…To qualify for the discount, “clients who come by bike show their helmet or their padlock keys,” she said. “Others hand in their ticket or monthly pass if they have come on the bus.”

Personally, I think it’s a great idea… “win-win” for everybody. 😉


(h/t Obesity Panacea)

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