Suvaril Fat Burner Review & Information: Does Suvaril Work?

Suvaril was once a household name in fat burners, thanks to an extensive radio and T.V. advertising campaign. In fact, Suvaril generated more requests for a review than any other fat burner in recent memory. If the feedback I received was any indication, however, there were a lot of frustrated and unhappy Suvaril customers out there – victims of a deceptive free-trial program that resulted in extra (and unwanted) credit card charges.

Unfortunately, that was the manufacturer’s (Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals) m.o. The company’s CEO/founder Steve Warshak, ended up in prison after being convicted of “mail fraud, bank fraud and money laundering,” related to Berkeley’s notorious flagship product, Enzyte. After being forced into bankruptcy, Berkeley was acquired by Pristine Bay, LLC (Vianda). Thus, Suvaril is still around, although the problematic free trial and autoship programs originally used to flog it are not.

Good riddance.

Does that mean Suvaril is now worth a shot? Well… that still depends on what’s in it, right?

So what’s in Suvaril?

Basically Suvaril contains a series of A, B, C, D and E vitamins common to any multi-vitamin and a few other goodies (when I review my label of Xtend-Life Total Balance, my recommended multivitamin, I see that Suvaril actually contains a lot less of most of the ingredients in this quality product). While no one can argue that…

  • Proper nutrition, including the appropriate intake of vitamins/minerals is important to overall health and well being; and…
  • Certain B vitamins do play an important role in reduction of cholesterol levels and the moderation of blood glucose levels (although they are required in higher doses than available in this compilation);

… these ingredients are not going to make you lose weight any more than a bottle of drug store vitamins.

However, there are some worthwhile ingredients in this formula. The goodies that do have some value as pertaining to weight loss are…

i. Chromium (reviewed in full here!): helpful in regulating insulin function and thus, moderating blood sugar levels and reducing craving for sweets and carb-rich foods. Clinical data validating chromium’s weight loss benefits is mixed, however.

ii. Vanadium: an insulin mimicker that lowers blood sugar levels and reduces the need for insulin for diabetics. A helpful ingredient if you suffer from cravings for sweets and eat a diet high in refined carbohydrates.

iii. Banaba leaf extract: standardized for corosolic acid, which has been shown to reduce blood-glucose levels in a dose dependent relationship.

Corosolic acid appears to be helpful for blood sugar management and may be helpful for weight loss as well ((Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2006 Aug;73(2):174-7. Epub 2006 Mar 23 , J Ethnopharmacol. 2003 Jul;87(1):115-7 , J Nutr. 2001 Sep;131(9):2242-7)

Unfortunately, since banaba leaf is part of the proprietary Suvaril blend, it’s impossible to know if there’s enough of the stuff in the formula to have an impact. That’s too bad… I’d love to see just how much banaba leaf extract there is in this product, and its potency, because it’s a worthwhile compound.

iv. Green tea extract: a powerful anti-oxidant, glucose moderator, and source of caffeine (a mild thermogenic). Green tea has been shown to increase metabolic rate — by about 4% in one study (that’s less than a hundred calories per day for an average individual). It offers a myriad of benefits (click here for the full review and accompanying references) and is a smart addition to any quality product.

Again, however, we are faced with the same problem: since green tea is part of the Suvaril “proprietary blend” it’s impossible to tell whether this product contains a potent enough dosage to elicit any effect.

v. L-theanine: Derived from green tea, this ingredient has a relaxing and “de-stressing” effect, probably included here to counter the effects of the caffeine in the green tea.

OK, let’s get to the bottom line here…

While chromium, vanadium, and banaba leaf do have real value as blood sugar moderators, and green tea will elevate the metabolism slightly, I can guarantee you that those of you who do not make significant changes to your diet and lifestyle only one thing from Suvaril…

Very little in the way of results. And of course, if you do make the appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle, you won’t really need Suvaril.

Suvaril sells for nearly US$50 a bottle, which is very expensive, considering what you’re getting of value in this product. And please…

Don’t be fooled by Suvaril’s claims of long-term, healthy weight management. There are no clinical studies to validate their claims, and the product’s compilation is average at best.

The other thing that makes me wary of Suvaril is that it is not available in stores — it’s only available online and via a 1-800 number. Selling product in this manner makes it much more difficult for you to seek and receive redress, should you require it.

While I have seen no recent complaints about the product or company, and the current owner, Chuck Kubicki, is reportedly sincere about his desire to deliver good customer service, the fact remains that Pristine Bay, LLC retains an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. I’d approach this one with caution, if I were you.

Summary of Suvaril
  • Contains green tea extract.
  • Contains other compounds that may help with blood sugar regulation.
  • Amounts of key weight loss ingredients are not known.
  • Expensive for an average formula.
  • Company has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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