Green Coffee Extract for Weight Loss? Not so Fast…


It’s been a year or so now, but the hype generated for green coffee extract as a viable and potent weight loss supplement – by Dr. Oz and his “expert” guest naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist Lindsey Duncan – still lingers on. It’s still being touted as a weight loss miracle, although its star has […]

Review: FBCx / Calorease – As Seen on the Dr. Oz Show


Calorease is a relatively new weight loss product and is entirely comprised of a fiber source called FBCx™. FBCx™’ is a patented form of “alpha-Cyclodextrin” (sometimes known as α-dextrin, α-cyclodextrin, α-CD, alphadextrin or alpha cyclodextrin), which is a grain-based soluble fiber. It does all the usual things fiber does; it helps slow the release of  blood […]

Yacon Syrup Review: As Seen on Dr. Oz

yacon roots

Yacon – specifically Yacon syrup – is a functional food that has vaulted into popularity by its exposure as a weight loss supplement on the Dr. Oz show. Yacon is a perennial herb that is grown in South American Andes – all the way from Columbia to Argentina – for its sweet tasting roots. The question, of course, is… just how good is it for weight loss?

As Seen on Dr. Oz: Meratrim – Our Full Review


Meratrim™ – a proprietary blend of two plant extracts – looks like the next weight loss supplement to rocket to fame and fortune, thanks to its exposure on the Dr Oz show, and to a lesser extent, a feature in Woman’s World magazine. Click to read the full review!

SeroVital Review: Sanmedica’s Human Growth Hormone Booster

Before we get to discussing SeroVital, a product that apparently naturally boosts human growth hormone, let me digress a bit… Not long ago, Dr. Oz featured HGH (or human growth hormone) on a segment of his show called “Supercharge your body with Human Growth Hormone.” According to Oz, HGH is the ” key to feeling […]

As Seen On Dr. Oz: Garcinia Cambogia

Since there’s a huge amount of interest in any weight loss supplement recommended on the Dr. Oz show, we do our best to feature most of them here on Garcinia has been getting a huge amount of publicity lately, largely due to being so highly recommended by Oz. But is it really such a miracle weight loss supplement? The answer might surprise you.

Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Bean Extract: Miracle Weight Loss Pill?

It seems that “miracle” weight loss supplements are being featured on a near-daily basis on “The Dr. Oz Show”. Recently we discussed Satiereal, a saffron based weight loss product that Dr Oz spoke very highly of, and today we’re discussing green coffee bean extract, another weight loss supplement Oz used the word “miracle” to describe. […]