Chili Burn Review: Can Chili Peppers Aid Weight Loss?

Chili Burn is a weight loss supplement that contains—not surprisingly—chili pepper, along with a handful of other ingredients. These include green tea, dill, peppermint and ginger root. The name “Chili Burn” seems a bit of a stretch considering just how little chili pepper this product contains—a mere 24 mg. Green tea, on the other hand, is present at a significantly larger amount; 972 mg per 2 capsule serving.

But let’s leave all that aside for a moment, and concentrate on the ingredient that gives this product its name; chili pepper.

Can chili peppers really help with weight loss?

It seems that they can. Let me explain…

Chili peppers contain naturally occurring substances called capsinoids, and two of those—capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin—are the ones of greatest interest to the folks who put weight loss products like this together. In the case of Chili Burn, capsaicin is the active component the chili pepper component of the formula is standardized for, although just how much is not revealed in any of the product literature I reviewed.

Dihydrocapsaicin also has “clinically demonstrated” weight loss effects, although its effects can hardly be described as dramatic.

Animal studies suggest capsaicin supplementation has weight loss benefits, and human studies also show benefits. This study concluded…

“In the short term, both oral and gastrointestinal exposure to capsaicin increased satiety and reduced energy and fat intake; the stronger reduction with oral exposure suggests a sensory effect of capsaicin.”

Or in other words, a properly standardized red pepper supplement (this one used in the referenced study contained 900 mg of red pepper standardized for .25% capsaicin) may help you feel full for longer, and actually reduce the amount of food you consume at a meal.

Summary of Nordic Chili Burn
  • Contains green tea extract.
  • Capsinoids have mild thermogenic effects.
  • Difficult to determine amounts of active compounds in each ingredient.
  • Fat burning boost provided by capsinoids is slight.

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